From pre-design though construction administration, Studio One provides complete architectural services for both commercial and residential projects. Based on complexity, scale, type, and client preferences, we customize the level of professional services to fit each project, expanding the design team as required to include civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering as well as interior design services, landscape architecture, and any other specialty consultant required to complete the project. With extensive experience in design and client-focused project management, we strive to provide integrated solutions, working with all parties to provide the best possible design services from concept to completion.


As a registered interior designer, Stephen Flanagan adds an additional dimension to the services Studio One offers for both residential and commercial interiors. Incorporating lighting design, space planning, color, fixture, and finish selection, material procurement and even custom furniture design, Studio One can assist clients in addressing their needs both within and beyond the building envelope.

Master Planning

Whether designing a multiphase residential renovation or multi-structure commercial building compound, master planning can provide a road map for development over time. Studio One offers design services beyond the scope of the building to provide clients with a vision of the big picture, providing a deeper understanding of both the synergies and trade offs in building sequencing as well as a wider array of options in obtaining client objectives.

Site Development

Building on complex sites requires not only a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach, but also an understanding of how to navigate the complex web of zoning statutes and regulatory agencies that have direct bearing on the development of a project. Whether dealing with multi-party negotiations, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, or the acquisition of easements or variances at either the State or local levels, Studio One has a proven track record in shepherding a project through the challenging terrain governing site development.


A key component to the philosophy and approach of Studio One involves inculcating the idea of meeting client needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This process involves significant investment in a multifaceted approach of site analysis, programmatic studies, and in-depth client interviews to better understand and balance the needs of the client with those of the environment, including a deeper understanding of the impact of material selection, energy efficiency, and care of finite natural resources. Stephen Flanagan is a LEED accredited professional with specialization in Building Design and Construction and member of the US Green Building Council. However, even for projects where LEED certification is not a priority, Studio One's approach to sustainable design remains the same: creating solutions that focus on the client, the environment, and the future.